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Holy Cross Church and Multipurpose Hall

Project Type - Construction of a significant new church and Multipurpose Hall
Project Value - $6.8 million
Duration - Stage One: 26 Weeks and Stage Two: 24 Weeks

A staged project consisting of a Church and Multi-Purpose Hall adjacent to a Catholic Primary school. Stage One involved getting the Church out of the ground which was challenged due to the footings having to be built over an existing creek bed that was discovered during construction. The Baxter Building team provided an innovative solution that saved the client money and minimized project duration. The Multipurpose Hall was designed and constructed to the clients budget that Baxter Building accommodated through innovative design and construction methods to ensure the clients desired outcome was met.

Stage One - Holy Spirit Church

The new Holy Spirit Church for the Broken Bay Catholic Diocese, features a series of octagonal structures that employ a large amount of acoustic treatment, with a high roof structure that allows for natural ventilation without the need for mechanical cooling.

Significant geotechnical engineering design issues were overcome to ensure the structural integrity of the new church. In addition, a number of built elements were refined, in concert with the architect, to reduce the end project cost.

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Stage Two - Multipurpose School Hall

The new multipurpose school hall at Holy Cross Primary School in Kincumber, for the Broken Bay Catholic Diocese features internal acoustic design that caters for a range of activities such as sport and theatre.

Designed to seat 600 people and encompassing a full stage, dressing rooms and commercial kitchen, it has potential to be a venue for public entertainment.

The mixture of a grey water system, and highlight windows and roof vents allows the building to be naturally ventilated and environmentally friendly.


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The Baxter Building team were given huge accolades on their success by the client for their level of communication, innovation and the ability to bring the project to finality with an excellent standard of finish.



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Holy Spirit Church

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