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Project Type - Innovative design and construction
Project Value - $3 million
Duration - 26 Weeks

Highly innovative and cost-effective solutions to establish a large manufacturing facility.

This assignment delivered a major manufacturing plant and office complex in Somersby for one of Queensland’s largest frame and truss manufacturers.

The dimensions of the complex posed a number of design and cost challenges, with a 4,000 square metre warehouse that features an unusually high 11 metre ceiling and bound by  9,000 square metres of external pavement, in addition to the construction-only of a 600 square metre office.

The warehouse was built strictly in accordance within the stringent tolerances required for the manufacturing process, but cutting edge design solutions were introduced. This included a different structural approach to cater for the extra height and the use of a new type of welded beam to reduce the cost. In addition, good design minimised the amount of concrete in the pavements, which also delivered a significant cost saving.

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