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Fishermans Wharf, The Entrance

Project Type - Signature Fitout and Refurbishment
Project Value - $1.6 million
Duration - 12 Weeks (2009)

The completion of the design and construct contract for the refurbishment of the interior of the Fishermans Wharf at The Entrance was a multifaceted success. The fit-out incorporated restaurants, function centres, cafes and take-away venues occupying an impressive but challenging curved floor plate that required pin-point accuracy. The final refurbishment met the client’s exacting standards to meld seamlessly with the host building and the surrounding vista.

Extensive building experience ensured not only the creation of a showpiece product but also allowed delivery on a fine time line within the strict budgetary constraints set by the client.

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  • Fishermans Wharf 1
  • Fishermans Wharf 2
  • Fishermans Wharf 3
Fishermans Wharf 1

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