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ADHC Wadalba Group Home

Project Type - Lump Sum Contract

Project Value - $1.72 Million

Duration - 26 Weeks

Construction of a new ADHC Group Home for diabled persons at Wadalba

The intention behind this project is to provide a “stepping stone” for persons with a disability  to make a supportive transition from full time carers. The facilities concept is to create a “homely” environment which is extremely robust and safe to occupants. Each villa is fully equipped with working kitchen, laundry, and bathroom to assist with the occupant gaining the responsibility and understanding of independence

The BASIX certificate for the project called for a 3 star rating, however we were able to achieve a 4 star rating minimum. A solar / gas hot water system is installed along with a water tank for recycling purposes. With regards to OHS for the complex consideration has been given by way of fully controlling the hot water with thermostatic mixing valves, thus allowing control of the hot water temperature for the occupants in their bathrooms to reduce hot water burns. Along with this the bathrooms are fully AS1428.1 compliant and provide ease of access to each villa.

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